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Reasons To Ride The Panama City Beach SkyWheel

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The Panama City Beach SkyWheel has been a statement landmark since its debut in 2018. With breathtaking views of the ocean, family-friendly fun, and tons of other local attractions there are so many reasons to ride the Panama City Beach SkyWheel. No matter what worries you may have, SkyWheel is here to answer your questions. Here are a few of our favorite highlights about a ride on the SkyWheel.

1. Accessibility For All

Everyone deserves a chance to see the world from the skies. Because of that, we are proud to note that our gondolas are wheelchair and scooter accessible so all guests can enjoy the ride. Plus, strollers and car seats are also welcome for even the smallest of riders.

2. Safety First

At Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, the well-being and safety of our riders are of the utmost importance to us. To ensure this, we have equipped each gondola with emergency call buttons. These buttons allow passengers to swiftly communicate with the operator in case of an emergency. If a rider needs to disembark for any reason, they can simply press the button, and our dedicated operator will promptly assist them in descending to the unloading area.

We also understand that Florida weather can be unpredictable. That’s why we also take weather into account when functioning the SkyWheel. If winds are too strong, or a famous Florida hurricane rolls in, we will not allow rides during that time for the safety of our guests.

3. Comfortability

Comfortable seats on a Ferris wheel? You never thought it could happen until you got to the SkyWheel! We’re proud to say our comfortable gondolas are unmatched. From literal seating to temperature control and privacy, a ride with us is one to remember. 

Rest assured, each gondola is private, ensuring that you never have to share it with strangers. Worried about the chilly heights? Our gondolas are equipped with heating and cooling systems, maintaining a pleasant temperature no matter the weather outside. Embrace complete comfort and enjoy your ride with us.

4. Amazing Views

Did you know the Panama City Beach SkyWheel stands nearly 200 feet above the area’s premier shopping and entertainment destination, Pier Park? It’s true! From the top of our wheel, you can see out for miles in every direction, including over the beautiful Florida shoreline. Talk about the perfect place to watch the sunset.

5. Experience

Prepare for an experience with your entire family that you’ll never forget. When you purchase a ride on the Panama City Beach Skywheel, you’re not just acquiring an ordinary ride; you are embarking on an extraordinary and unique experience. 

Plus, we love being a part of something special. When you ride on the SkyWheel, you may just be a part of one of our special offers. These can include marriage proposals, gender reveals, holiday celebrations, and more! You can even book your own, allowing SkyWheel to proudly be apart of your special day. 

Need more reasons to ride the Panama City Beach SkyWheel? Here’s one: you can purchase your tickets online at any time. You can even reserve your VIP Experience with first-class service at new heights. Come experience the height of Panama City Beach attractions at SkyWheel. Question? Give us a call at 850.888.0020