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A Great Team-Building Exercise: Ropes Courses

In many ways, rope climbing teaches us what we need to know in life. It teaches us the basics of team building and trust. They provides a physical and mental challenge. It lets us experience what holds us back in life, as well as what helps us overcome those things. As we climb we discover new areas of strength within ourselves. We learn that asking for help doesn’t make us weak, and in fact can allow us to rely on others for support as well. Most importantly, we grow closer to our friends in a way not found through normal means. Ropes courses are a great team-building exercise for any age!

What is a Ropes Course?

The ropes course is an outdoor challenge designed to help you discover your full potential and teamwork within.  The difficulty of the challenge is dependent on the activity level, equipment and environment where it is held. Usually a rope element consists of one or more climbing ropes that are usually suspended between two trees or poles, like our own 45-foot aerial attraction. A variety of other elements can be incorporated into the design based on the intended level of challenge and desired experience for the participant(s).

For those who love a good challenge, a ropes course can deliver. These courses include obstacles—much like those you would find on an actual battlefield or in the wilderness—that require teamwork, problem solving and careful execution to complete. Immerse yourself in physical challenges that are physically challenging but also mentally rewarding.

Lessons Learned from a Ropes Course

Ropes courses can be one of the most fun and productive ways to learn about yourself and your team. Just imagine, at the end of your ropes course there will be a new you! You will have learned what each team member is capable of. This means that next time you face an obstacle in life or in business you will be able to deal with it faster and more efficiently because of what you have learned from this experience.


A ropes course doesn’t just allow you to develop trust through developing an exercise of faith in your fellow teammates—it also allows you to see where that trust is lacking. Because of this, it’s a great tool for your team-building experience.

The Best Leaders are Followers

Leadership is about listening as much as it is about talking. What better way to practice leading by following than going to a ropes course? As a great team-building exercise, you’ll learn how working together makes everyone stronger and faster. That way, when you get back to the office your team will tackle any challenge head-on.

Falling is Okay

 A ropes course is a fun way to teach your team that failing is okay. The important part is learning, and taking the right risks to get great rewards.

Someone has to Lead

The best teams understand their limitations and strengths. They have a captain or leader for load-bearing, someone who is good at getting everyone going when things are down, and someone to cover their back when things get tough.

Build Focus

The last thing on our list is building focus. Completing a ropes course is a challenging event for adults and children alike. Many are designed to take your teamwork to the next level, but to get anywhere you must be able to focus. In the age of technology, this can be challenging. Taking a ropes course can be a great team-building exercise and help build your focus while also increasing your reaction time and attention span.

If you are looking for a ropes course in Panama City Beach, Florida then The Skytrail Ropes Course at Skywheel is the perfect solution. Our ropes course is great for children, college sports teams, and corporate events. Contact us today to see how we can help you!